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211 rooms

Denis Silin
General Director

The first hotel of the international level was expected to appear in Chelyabinsk, and we just couldn’t help participating in it. 

We were twice as pleased to work in our native town, as we wish visitors of Chelyabinsk to have nice impressions of their rest here, and the best rest is on the linen by ‘Lady Prima’ while black-out drapery  would help to hide from noise and undesirable light of the city.

We are really glad that the hotel is popular with the guests of our city.

Klimov D. N.
General Director

‘… ООО TD ‘Lady Prima’ company was selected from the variety of suppliers as the most experienced and reliable one, the one which has gained the best reputation… The quality of products is on the top level and accepted by management company ‘Rezidor’.

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